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NHHSD 2022-2023

NHHSD operates through eleven high school students across the state, each with specific responsibilities and duties. Some brief information about each of these students is listed below, as well as their contact information.


Hunter Porter



Hunter Porter is currently a rising senior at Nashua High School South. His love for politics began in 2020 when he took AP US Government and Politics. He has worked as a fellow for Our Moment PAC and OrganizeNH. Hunter is so excited to usher NHHSD into a new era as we take back the governorship, Executive Council, Senate, and House this year!


Pradhiti Modadugu


Vice Chair

Pradhiti is currently a rising Senior from Nashua. She has been interested in politics since the 2016 Election. She believes in the importance of fieldwork and is excited to serve this term. Apart from politics, she enjoys many forms of art.


Lilla Bozek


Communications Director

Lilla is a Senior at Newmarket High School. Their interest in politics stems from a firm belief in civic duty and a dedication to changing the world through advocacy. As Communications Director, they are very excited to connect with NHHSD members across the state and aid in furthering the democratic mission. When not immersed in the political world, they enjoy poetry, indoor gardening, and Wes Anderson films.


Sarah Hall


Political Director

Sarah Hall is a rising Senior at Hanover High School. She looks forward to working as the Political Director for NHHSD and bringing attention and action to current issues. Starting with her US History class in sophomore year and a semester at the Senate Page School, her passion for politics, especially foreign affairs, has increased significantly. In addition to politics, she loves reading and learning about the basic underpinnings of human nature that govern how our society functions. She worked as the Yearbook Editor-in-Chief for the past five months which taught her the importance of working collaboratively on challenging goals, a skill she hopes to bring to her new position.


Molly Lankler


Membership Director

Molly is a rising junior at Philips Exeter. She has had a passion to make change in our community, state, country, and the world ever since she learned about political policy. Aside from politics, she adores surfing, playing volleyball and tennis, meeting new people,  volunteering locally, and passing time with family and friends! She is so thrilled to be the new membership director and represent/support you all!


Kate Peters


Communications Director

Kate Peters is a rising senior at Hollis-Brookline High School. She is thrilled to be the new Deputy Communications Director during the 2022-2023 school year. She enjoys educating herself on new political policies and is an intern for Senator Levesque. She also volunteers for an organization that helps reunite Chinese adoptees with their birth families (The Nanchang Project). Beyond politics, some of her interests include drawing, hiking, playing guitar, and ukulele, and dabbling in drumming.


Sophia Biondolillo


Legislative Director

Sophia is a rising senior at VLACS from Manchester. She works as an intern at Seacoast Outright, New Hampshire's largest LGBTQ+ support/advocacy organization, and also serves on New Hampshire's Legislative Youth Advisory Council. In her free time, Sophia enjoys music and art. 


Grace Halepis


Community & Finance Director

 Grace Halepis is a rising senior at Exeter High School. She is a strong fighter for reproductive rights, and has volunteered with organizations like Planned Parenthood and attended local rallies to make a difference within the New Hampshire community. In addition, she is currently working within Rep. Altschillers campaign to further create an impact and bring awareness to critical issues such as domestic abuse and child trafficking. It is truly an honor to be serving on a board dedicated to societal change within our state, and she can not wait to start putting plans into motion as your Financial and Community Engagement Director! 


Kelechi Okorie


Diversity Director

Kelechi is a rising senior at Nashua North. She cherishes the importance of diversity and representation for all in order to create an equal and fair community. She will channel these values into my new role as Diversity Director. Along with her interest in politics, she plays volleyball, does track and field, and likes to pick up art projects like painting and crocheting. 


Lauren Hall


Advocacy Director

Lauren Hall is a rising senior at Hanover High School. Her interest in politics was sparked and shaped while she served as a US Senate Page this past spring. After the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Senator Murphy demanded of his fellow senators: "What are we doing? Why are you here if not to solve a problem as existential as this?" His improvised call for action cut through the Senate’s usual scripted speeches, and, sitting on the rostrum in front of him, Lauren realized just how passionate some government officials are about trying to create change. Change can come through any number of avenues, but as a person who loves school, she believes that education is one of the most powerful tools a government can use when solving its problems. When her time is not otherwise consumed, she enjoys reading, drawing, listening to Paul Simon, and existing in New Hampshire.

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