NHHSD 2021-2022

NHHSD operates through eleven high school students across the state, each with specific responsibilities and duties. Some brief information about each of these students is listed below, as well as their contact information.


Lilly Tague-Bleau



Lilly Tague-Bleau (they/she) is a rising Junior at Manchester Central. Lilly has been in love with politics since 8th grade when they started canvassing with NextGen NH. Their passion lies in fighting for climate justice, reproductive rights, and making marginalized voices heard. Lilly worked with NHHSD last year as the Public Outreach Director, and inspired by the family that this organization is, worked to become Chair. As Chair for the 2021-21 year, they hope to engage students across the state and inspire them to take action on the issues that they are passionate about. Lilly is absolutely pumped to work with all members of NHHSD this year! They want to remind everyone to “stay swag, and keep fighting.”


Samay Sahu


Vice Chair

Samay is currently a rising junior from Nashua. He has been involved in politics, since the 2012 election and served as National Co-Chairman for High School Democrats for Biden. Outside of politics, he loves swimming and spending time with friends. He is so excited to get to know you guys and serve as your Vice Chair for the 2021-22 school year!


Sarah West


Communications Director

Sarah West is a rising senior at Concord High School. She became involved in politics at the age of 10 when she volunteered for a campaign and discovered her passion for organizing. Since then, she has been a field intern for Sara Gideon’s campaign, managed a city council field operation, and was most recently an intern for Rep. Annie Kuster. Outside of politics, she enjoys theatre, traveling, and the outdoors.



Esha Mukerjee


Political Director

Esha is a rising senior at Nashua High School South. She first got into politics when she took AP US Government and soon found a passion for social justice. Last summer, she spent a lot of time working for state and local campaigns. In her free time, Esha likes to play piano and chess.



Hunter Porter


Legislative Director

Hunter is a rising junior at Nashua High School South. He first got involved in politics when he jointed his school’s High School Democrats chapter. He also serves as one of his chapter’s legislative liaisons. He hopes to use his position to make a better New Hampshire for all. He is particularly passionate about racial inequity and he is so excited to serve you all as legislative director.



Pradhiti Modagugu


Deputy Communications Director

Pradhiti Modadugu is a rising junior at Nashua High School South. She looks forward to being the Deputy Communications Director in the 2021-2022 school year. Her love for politics may have started not so long ago but she is very passionate about it. She enjoys painting, listening to music, watching horror movies, and hiking in her free time.


Sophia Biondolillo Headshot.jpeg

Sophia Biondolillo


Expansion Director

Sophia lives in Manchester and is a Junior at VLACS. Her involvement in politics began at a young age, and since 2019 she has become involved in multiple campaigns and done direct advocacy fighting for LGBTQ+ rights, racial justice, and equality. She also works for Seacoast Outright as an intern and is part of their social media team. Outside of politics, she is passionate about art, music, and education.



Sarah Hall


Advocacy Director

Sarah Hall is a Junior at Hanover High School. She looks forward to working as the Advocacy Director for NHHSD and bringing attention and action to current issues. Starting with her US History class in sophomore year and a semester at the Senate Page School, her passion for politics, especially foreign affairs, has increased significantly. In addition to politics, she loves reading and learning about the basic underpinnings of human nature that govern how our society functions. She worked as the Yearbook Editor-in-Chief for the past five months which taught her the importance of working collaboratively on challenging goals, a skill she hopes to bring to her new position.



Ishanvi Bachwal


Diversity Director

Ishanvi Bachwal is a current sophomore at Nashua South. Her interest for politics grows as she learns more about other issues in the  world. She hopes to make progress for several communities during her time on the Board. She is part of her high school volleyball team, and she also loves to watch horror movies. Ishanvi is very excited to work on new projects, help out in more campaigns, and give back to the community!



Lilla Bozek


Membership Director

Lilla is a Junior at Newmarket High School. Their interest in politics stems from a firm belief in civic duty and a dedication to changing the world through advocacy. Though they are accepting the position of Membership Director a little late in the year, they are very excited to connect with NHHSD members across the state and aid in furthering the democratic mission. When not immersed in the political world, they enjoy poetry, indoor gardening, and Wes Anderson films.




Alex Wahl


Community & Finance Director

Alex Wahl is a rising Senior at Exeter High School. After first getting involved in politics in 8th grade by knocking doors and making calls for the New Hampshire Democratic Party, Alex served as Chair of New Hampshire Students for Biden this past year. Throughout high school Alex has focused his efforts on delivering on issues like gun safety and climate justice. Alex looks forward to serving NHHSD this year by working with and listening to NH communities to deliver on our priorities.